Can bingo be considered as a game of gambling?

In order to get answer to this question one must be aware of the definition of gambling. Gambling is nothing but betting money on something that can give you some value in the future. So we are not sure whether we will gain money or we will lose money.  If you win you will get higher the betting money that you have placed and if you lose you will even lose the betting amount. So now you are aware of what gambling is, now let us define even bingo so that we can get some clear idea. Bingo is nothing but a card game and the players use these cards to mark the numbers that are called out. The person who marks out the numbers in a particular pattern will win the game. So this definition will prove that bingo is not actually a gambling where betting is done. UK law does not even consider the age limit if you are betting anything on this online bingo.

Though many of us think that the bingo is a game that is mainly related to social sport but many of them will fail to understand this fact and they get addicted to the game. BY playing bingo you will have the chance to socialize and can share your thoughts with one another through chat facility. So we can conclude by telling that if you are not playing for real money then it is definitely not a part of online gambling.