Is it legal to play online bingo especially in US?

As we know that US citizens play gambling very seriously and it is one of the popular pass time for many people residing in US. So have you ever thought whether this online gambling or land based gambling is legal with US? Of course the laws associated with the US about the land based bingo is quite confusing and it is even more confusing when we consider online bingo. It is very difficult to tell why the online sites restrict the US players to be involved in the online gambling. However when we talk about online bingo, it is absolutely legal and it comes under the most popular charitable gambling category. But the main thing with the online bingo is in order to play bingo for real money and to deposit the amount one has to choose some creative ways in order to fund the account. If you are able to do so then this is absolutely legal.

Most of the states will consider this game as legal and they play with the games normally, they deposit their amount, play with bingo and they even with draw the money. However the source of these funds should not be either the bank or the financial institutions. However some states are exception to this legality issues and they are strictly prohibited in participating with either the online gambling or in online bingo. Check with your state laws before you actually start playing with the online bingo game.

Do you know that you can even play bingo on your face book?

If you are a kind of person who want to play online bingo just for fun and not for any real money then why don’t you choose the option of playing online bingo at your face book. This is the excellent place to start your practice and you will have the chance to play with your friends and at the same time you can even chat.  Bingo is one of the favorite games of many people and it becomes more exciting and interesting if it is played at the social networking site. Moreover you can enjoy several additional features and service by playing at face book.   Though there are several reasons for choosing the face book as the resource to play bingo, but one big reason is popularity of the site and easy access of both face book and bingo game. This will give you the chance to play at any time depending upon your convenience and you will even have huge range of options while gaming bingo at face book.

Though the chance of winning prizes will be less in this resource but you will definitely get full enjoyment and can even win prizes once you get comfortable playing with the game. Obviously as with any online bingo, the graphics and sound effects are the major attraction of playing bingo online. Once you get comfortable with the bingo then you can move forward for playing the game in real.